Athletic Placement Process

  • Athletic Placement Process Information

    Here is the process our athletics department takes, in regards to the APP
    1. The varsity coach is first to make contact with the athletic director, in regards to a player they feel is exceptional. . The varsity coach will make an appeal to the APP committee, which is made up of the JH PE teachers and any coach that has come in contact with the athlete. We talk about the athlete's physical capabilities, as well as their social emotional well being. The committee will then report back to the head coach with a yes or no.
    2. If the committee votes yes, then we would contact the head coach and the head coach would then contact the parent/guardian to discuss their assessment of the student-athlete. If the parent/guardian agrees with the coach's assessment then we would move to step 3.
    3. The Athletic Director will contact the parent/guardian to discuss the APP process. We would set up a timeframe for all documents needed to be signed, and scheduling the fitness test . The fitness test is administered by a PE teacher who administers all tests, so we have a consistent staff member administering the APP fitness test. 
    4. If the student athlete passes the fitness test, we would contact the coach, and the Athletic Director will speak with the parent/guardian. 
    This process takes roughly 30-60 days, depending on the schedule of the committee and coaches. To be transparent, the Athletic Director does not discuss the APP process with a parent/guardian unless the varsity coach of the program approaches the Athletic Director, and we follow all necessary steps.  We create a process to protect our coaches, so they do not feel pressured  by a parent/guardian to have their child moved up. The committee makes the decision, and then contacts the coach with their response. 
    This process is to protect the student athlete and make sure when all things are said and done, the student athlete is considered exceptional and will be able to handle the social emotional piece of moving up and playing at a higher level. 
    All of our 7th grade students play on their modified team. Once they become 8th graders, this is when a coach has an opportunity to approach the Athletic Director in a conversation. The only sports where a 7th grader may have consideration is for sports such as tennis, golf, bowling,  gameday/dance cheer squad, and girls varsity wrestling.