Athletic Placement Process

  • The New York State Athletic Placement Process program is a voluntary program designed to afford the exceptional junior high athlete the opportunity to participate at the high school level on either the junior varsity or varsity team.  An exceptional athlete should have specific talents and conditioning well above the level of athletes of a similar age.  This program is not designed to fill positions on a team, provide additional experiences and practices, provide a place for a junior high student when no modified program is offered or to reward a student.
    Parents are cautioned that even though an athlete may be physically ready, it does not mean that he/she may be emotionally or socially ready to handle the normal stress of increased competition, or have the ability to interact with older students.  The Homer coaching staff along with the Director of Athletics and the District Medical Director will determine the appropriate level for any junior high student interested in this program.  In most instances, junior high students should participate in a full modified season to afford our staff an opportunity to assess skills and ability along with evaluating how the athlete can handle interscholastic athletics and academics.

    1. Junior high students, who are identified as exceptional, will be recommended to the Director of Athletics for the athletic placement process program by the coaching staff. 
    2. An evaluation of the athlete’s physical abilities, social and emotional maturity as well as academics will be conducted.
    3. Parental contact will be made by the Director of Athletics when it is determined that an athlete may be ready for the athletic placement process program. A meeting will be scheduled to discuss the parameters of the program. A permission slip will have to be completed and signed by the parent in order for the program to proceed.
    4. The school physician must evaluate the athlete to determine a maturity rating and whether or not the student is cleared to participate at that certain level.
    5. Athletic performance testing will then take place administered by a physical education teacher who is not the individual’s coach.
    6. When a student completes and passes all sections of the placement process testing procedures, he/she is eligible to try out and/or participate at the appropriate high school level.

    *Due to the lengthy process involved with the procedures of this program, the following cut-off dates will be used in order to complete the program in a timely manner before the season begins:
                            Fall Season - June 1st
                            Winter Season - October 1st
                            Spring Season - February 1st