• Beginning December 1, 2023, all students will be entitled to one free breakfast and one free lunch daily.

2023-2024 School Year Meal Prices (As of 12/1/2023)


  • Families who have questions regarding P-BET benefits can call the Office of Temporary Disability Assistance for more information, 1-888-328-6399, or visit the link below.



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    Homer Central Schools prides itself on offering nutritious meals that meet federal guidelines established for school meals. School lunches must provide 1/3 of the recommended dietary allowances of protein, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, iron, calcium and calories. No more that 30% of calories can come from fat and less than 10% from saturated fat. Ala carte items will meet the district's wellness policy. Parents can limit access to ala carte items by filling out the no charge meal restriction form.

    Breakfast - students are offered a choice of entree, juice and/or fruit and milk. Students must take at least three of the four meal components for a reimbursable meal. Breakfast is available prior to first period every day. *Breakfast will not be offered when the district has a two hour delay.

    Lunch - students are offered a choice of meat/meat alternate, at least two servings each of fruits/vegetables, bread and milk. Students are permitted to decline two of the five required five food items.

    Food Allergies - Students with food allergies that would require us to change their menu must supply a doctor's note to the food service office at Homer High School (PO Box 500, Homer, NY) as well as the school nurse.


    Did you know that School Breakfast can fuel your brain with the needed energy and nutrition that will help students perform academically better in school? In fact, a healthy school breakfast helps to “break the fast” by providing much needed brain energy that contains calories, protein, calcium, iron and vitamins A & C. Establishing healthy eating habits by eating breakfast will help to reduce absenteeism and increase attention with problem solving tasks in the classroom, thus improving grades. Wait, there’s more! A school breakfast also helps to supply much needed healthy fiber and folate, which help to improve health! 

    Don’t miss out on school breakfast as it will fuel your day! 

    Benefits of Eating Breakfast

    • Eating breakfast can help improve math, reading, and standardized test scores.
    • Children who eat breakfast are more likely to behave better in school and get along with their peers than those who do not.
    • Breakfast helps children pay attention, perform problem-solving tasks, and improves memory.vi vii
    • Children who eat school breakfast are likely to have fewer absences and incidents of tardiness than those who do not.
    • By eating breakfast, students get more of important nutrients, vitamins and minerals such as calcium, dietary fiber, folate and protein.
    • Studies have shown that children who eat breakfast on a regular basis are less likely to be overweight.
    • Eating breakfast as a child is important for establishing healthy habits for later in life.
    • Schools that provide breakfast in the classroom to all students have shown decreases in tardiness and suspensions as well as improved student behavior and attentiveness.
    • What you eat for breakfast can have an impact on learning. One study showed that eating breakfast food high in fiber and low in sugar for breakfast helped students sustain the cognitive effects of breakfast.
    • School Breakfast provides daily servings of fruit, whole grains, and milk, plus roughly ¼ the recommended calories needed for lasting energy.

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