COVID/American Recovery Plan

  • The Homer Central School District will follow guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), state and local health departments, the New York State Education Department, and all Executive Orders from the Governor of New York State. Homer Central Schools will continue to update this page over the summer as our plan is developed. 

     Virtual Community Forums

    Three Virtual Community Forums were held on August 18-20 to share the most current reopening plan information. You can view the videos on demand below:

    Virtual Town Hall #1: Instruction


    Virtual Town Hall #2: Health and Safety


    Virtual Town Hall #3: Transportation / Food Service

  • Reopening Progress Updates

    Reopening Planning - Team Meeting #1

    Monday, July 13


    • Developed focus area action items
    • Established timeline

    Reopening Planning - Instructional Group

    Monday, July 20

    Meeting Slides

    Break-out groups members and notes

    • Discussed strategies for in-person/remote/hybrid instruction drawing on our experience from home learning March - June
    • Began to identify technology training that is needed to best prepare staff for this plan
    • Considered changes that will need to be made to the classroom and hallways to ensure social distancing
    • Discussed what special area subjects instruction might look like given guidance from State Ed on physical distancing
    • Identified alternative spaces for sites that we are not currently using for instruction
    • Established regional consideration to HS planning to ensure students access to CTE programming
    • Discussed access and equity for all students (Special Education, ELL, Economically Disadvantaged)

    Reopening Planning - Health and Safety 1

    Monday, July 20

    Meeting Materials

    • Developed screening process for students, staff and community
    • Developed protocols for nurses' office
    • Developed protocol for handwashing, face masks, hand sanitizers
    • Identified signage that will be used to communicate health protocols

    Reopening Planning - Food Service

    Tuesday, July 21

    Meeting Materials

    • Discussed cleaning guidelines for cafeteria and other spaces where meals will be delivered
    • Developed plan for delivering meals to classroom
    • Discussed process for determining meal distribution site location(s)

    Reopening Planning - Transportation

    Tuesday, July 21

    Meeting Materials

    • Discussed enhanced disinfecting plan for buses
    • Developed social distancing/PPE (student/staff) plan for buses
    • Discussed pickup/dropoff considerations when implementing social distancing requirements
    • Outlined alternative routing structures given various student attendance scenarios
    • Began discussing family parent transport traffic patterns for district schools

    Reopening Planning - Communications

    Wednesday, July 22

    Meeting Materials

    • Reviewed family re-opening survey for themes/highlights that has been completed by more than 770 individuals as of 7/22; discussed how best to share results (district re-opening page and superintendent message on 7/24)
    • Discussed health protocol signage and other forms of communication to be used for students, staff, and community
    • Identified modes/timing of communication that will be used to communicate with all stakeholder groups about re-opening planning and implementation
    • Reviewed communication components of re-opening plan template

    Reopening Planning - Social-Emotional

    Thursday, July 23

    Meeting Materials

    • Reviewed and updated district-wide and building-level comprehensive developmental school counseling program plans to meet current needs due to COVID-19 pandemic
    • Identified internal/external social-emotional resources and began development of student referral process
    • Discussed professional staff development opportunities for faculty and staff on how to support students during and after the COVID-19 public health emergency

    Reopening Planning - Team Meeting 2

    Thursday, July 23

    • A representative from each subgroup shared the progress made on action items
    • Reviewed Re-Opening Plan template/draft
    • Assigned additional tasks yet to be completed