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    With a once-in-a-lifetime pandemic affecting the everyday operations of schools, sanitation and cleanliness have been reemphasized nationwide.

    In the Homer Central School District, it's the Building, Grounds, and Maintenance Team that works diligently behind the scenes to fight COVID-19 head-on.

    Among their many regular cleaning duties to keep the schools in pristine condition, the Buildings, Grounds and Maintenance team has implemented sprayers nightly to limit the spread of the coronavirus in our schools and has put a priority on monitoring air filtration, ensuring schools are as safe as possible. 

    The team was also responsible for putting up signs and direction markers throughout the district to aid in directing the flow of students in the hallways, which has been instrumental in containing the spread of COVID-19 throughout the year.

    All of these new responsibilities are on top of their usual day-to-day operations. Whether it's the desks students sit at, the fields they play ball on or the sidewalks they use to get into school, the Buildings, Grounds and Maintenance Team has their hand in many aspects of school life to ensure everything runs smoothly.

    While everyone has done their part to make sure students are safe in schools, the Building, Grounds and Maintenance Team continues to work on the details behind the scenes to make it all possible.

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