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    Our Junior High School community created and committed to the following Mission Statement: 

    Homer Junior High School strives to provide a rigorous academic experience while developing thoughtful, resilient, open-minded and independent young people with the desire and lifelong skills to contribute positively to their communities.  

    I believe that attaining this goal is only possible when we, school and home, work together to support student growth and development. It is important that families ensure that children come to school ready to learn and that you promote learning and healthy habits at home.  As a school we will foster a safe, positive learning environment that supports and actively engages all children in learning.  Students, you should come to school with an open mind, positive attitude and ready to work hard each and every day. The learning and habits, our children form in Junior High will build the foundation for their success not only here in the Junior High, but in High School and beyond!  

    We are committed to supporting your children in any way that we can! 

    - Principal Kara Schneider

    P.O. Box 500
    58 Clinton Street
    Homer, NY 13077

    (607) 749-1230

    (607) 749-1238

    Mrs. Kara Schneider

    Mrs. Lisa Chisholm
    Main Office Secretary

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