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    It was no coincidence when Amy Kida moved her family into the Homer Central School District.

    Kida, a massage therapist, property manager and mother of three, was drawn to the area by the strong community and school district. Still, Kida recognizes that a thriving school district needs parental support.

    Kida has spent countless hours volunteering around the school, including with the School Community Association, to bring positivity to the teachers, administrators and staff members at Homer.

    chalkwalk “It’s more successful if people have positive input and if people are willing to put in the time and the effort,” Kida said.

    Although she is involved in a wide variety of programs committees and associations, Kida is an outsider of day-to-day life in the classroom. She believes her fresh perspective is valuable to the district.

    “I think people get emotionally exhausted and their creativity fizzles out. Since I don’t have to actually work for the school and feel the different emotions that go through the school system, it gives me a chance to participate in a creative way,” Kida said. 

    Kida has organized ice skating trips, yoga and bingo nights, but one of the highlights this school year was a “Chalk the Walk” event. Volunteers wrote messages of support on the sidewalk to welcome teachers back to school this fall, and each teacher received lunch and a gift.

    “These teachers got to come back to school, be greeted with these positive affirmations, have a gift and it seemed like it was a beautiful way to start the year,” Kida said.

    Kida urges all parents to do the same to support the Homer Central School District. For her, it’s just second nature.

    “It’s my duty,” Kida said. “I’m supposed to contribute to my community and I’m supposed to do what I can do.”

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