Clubs and Activities

  • Concert Choir

    Mr. Melvin
    The Concert Choir is an auditioned ensemble of intermediate to advanced 7th and 8th grade students. Its focus is on the development and refinement of choral singing, music reading skills, rehearsal/performance etiquette, and on facilitating adolescent vocal growth. The full choir membership of 100 students rehearse every other day. Sectional rehearsals (soprano, alto, baritone) are scheduled on a rotating basis on the remaining days. This choir prepares concerts for the school, parents, and community.

    Drama Club

    Mr. Melvin
    The Drama Club generally performs one play during the school year. Auditions are open for all Junior High students in good academic standing.

    Jazz Band

    Mr. DiGennaro
    Jazz Band meets once a week during 10th period to play and explore the jazz idiom. This group serves as a valuable preparatory class for entrance into High School Jazz Ensemble.

    Ukulele Club

    Mr. Brodeur
    Students learn how to play a ukulele and spread the joy of the "jumping flea" to interested students. All ability levels are welcome as we build our skills and practice techniques throughout the year and build a song bank to practice and perform from.  Check out our webpage and keep strumming! 

    Radio Guild

    Mr. Melvin
    Radio Guild members make the morning and afternoon announcements over the public address system at the Junior High. Students audition for a place in this service club in September.

    Save Splug (Dungeon & Dragons Role Playing Club)

    Mr. Brodeur
    The club was founded in 2011 and going strong ever since. It meets once a week during 10th period with 3-4 separate groups running different adventures.  A role playing group is a form of shared storytelling with the students cast as the heroes. Visit the Club's Website and check it out!

    Science Club

    Mr. Douglass
    Science Club is open to all 7th and 8th graders. The club meets once a month, does various science activities, and has fund raisers to defray the cost of the science field trips.

    Ski Club

    Mrs. Greenfield
    Ski Club is open to all Junior High Students. Students pay for their own transportation on a school bus, skiis, lessons, and lift tickets.

    Student Council

    Mrs. Shurtleff
    Student Council is the governing body at the Junior High. The council provides social and educational programs for the students. As an organization, the council works with the faculty and administration to continually improve the Junior High educational program and to establish and enforce appropriate rules. The council participates in numerous community service programs and canned food drives.

    Swing Choir

    Mr. Melvin
    The Swing Choir is a group of advanced singers auditioned from the Concert Choir. These singers refine their choral skills including vocal tone, intonation, balance, music reading, and style. This extracurricular choir meets once a week and performs concerts for the school, parents, and community.

    Winter Guard

    Mrs. Spalding
    This extracurricular group participates in competitive winter color guards circuits. The ensemble performs to many type of entertaining music and annually employs top choreographers and instructors to work with its sections. In return for extra rehearsal time required, extra rewards, such as banquets, award ceremonies, and trips are planned. Membership is open to students in the intermediate, junior high, and high school.