Injury or Illness

  • In case of illness or injury, a student will be sent home from school when the parent or legal guardian has been reached by phone and appropriate arrangements are made for his/her transportation from school. If the school nurse is unable to reach the parent or guardian, the authorized family emergency contacts will be notified.

    In the event of a serious injury or illness in school, appropriate first aid will be provided by the school nurse, and the parent or legal guardian will be contacted by phone. It is then the responsibility of the parent or legal guardian to obtain subsequent treatment for the child. In the event that a parent or legal guardian cannot be contacted, or the injury is of an extremely serious nature, the school nurse may, at her discretion, have the student transported to the nearest emergency room by ambulance.

    An Emergency Release Form for Authorization of Treatment should be on file in the health office for each student. These forms may be obtained from the school nurse in each school building. Please update the health offices with names and phone numbers of persons who are authorized to act on the parent/guardian's behalf.