Tech Tips - Why Log Off?

  • If you leave your workstation for an extended period of time, like lunch, you should log off of the network to keep any other users from accessing your documents. To log off, go to the "Start button" on the bottom left corner of your screen. Then click "Log Off USERID." This will log you off the network but your computer will stay on. When you return you'll need to log on to the network again to access your documents.

    At the end of your work day, you should also log off and shut down your machine to prevent unauthorized access to your data. If you do not log off, any open documents will not be backed up by the server. To log off simply go to the "Start" menu, and go down to "Shut Down." Choose "Shut down the computer". This process may take a minute, your system will shut down or you'll get a message indicating that it is safe to turn off your machine.