Tech Tips - Turning Computer On and Off

  • Turning the PC On and Off

    It is important that you follow the proper procedure for turning your PC on and off. An improperly shut down PC will cause service calls.

    Start up

    On many of the newest PCs, the easiest way to start your PC is to simply push the power button most likely located on the front of the computer itself.

    The PC will take about 2 minutes to start up, and when it is done, you'll get a screen saying "Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete to Logon." At this point you'll need to put in your USERID and password.

    If during the startup process you get a message saying that "this machine may have been improperly shutdown, shall I run ScanDisk" say yes. Scan disk will check the PC for problems, correct them (most cases) and then return you to the "Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete to Logon." screen.

    Shut Down

    It is important that you shut down your PC at the end of each day. By doing so you'll:

    - Save electricity 
    - Ensure that your files will properly back up on the server. 
    - Be sure that no one can access your files in your absence 
    - Receive updates to your PC across the network when you restart.

    It is important that you don't simply shut the PC off. By doing so, you will damage the hard drive and cause a loss of files. If you are getting a message that "scandisk" has encountered errors, then the system has been improperly turned off.

    To shut off your PC:

    -Go to the "start" menu in the lower left corner of the screen. Click on "Start" and then go to "shut down."

    -Click "OK."

    The PC will then shut itself down. You can leave the monitor on. It does not draw power when the PC is off. You'll notice that the monitor light in the right hand corner will go from green to orange. Orange means the monitor is in standby mode.