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    Interested in playing a sport in college: Division I, II, III, or Junior College? Be sure to let your school counselor know of your interest in college sports so they can help you.  Your school counselor will ensure you are taking the appropriate courses required for certification through the NCAA Eligibility Center.  You may view the core courses approved by the NCAA in the Homer High School’s Program of Studies.  Also, let your coach know you are interested in playing the sport in college, as your coach can also assist you on the various steps to take while in high school. In addition, the links below provide information about playing collegiate athletics. 

    Interested in playing a sport in college? -Click link to view some considerations to take while in high school (and starting early is important-so notify your school counselor and coach when you are in 9th grade).

    NCAA Resources for College Bound Athletes - Resources available, by NCAA, for students who may want to play sports in college (Division I, II, and III). Be sure to check out the Guide for the College-Bound Student Athlete. Also, NCAA hosted a webinar slides presentation regarding NCAA Initial-Eligibility for College-Bound Student-Athletes.

    NCAA Eligibility Center - Click link to create your account, or profile, on the NCAA Eligibility Site. HS student-athletes must be certified by the NCAA Eligibility Center to compete at the Division I and II level. If you are unsure which level you may want to play, or which level you are capable of playing at, you may first create a Profile Page Account. If you decide you will be playing at a Division I or II level, you can transition your Profile Page Account to a Certification Account. The cost for an Academic and Amateurism Certification Account is currently $100. If going to Division III college, you do not need to register with the NCAA Eligibility Center (you do not need a Certification Account). 

    NJCAA-National Junior College Athletic Association -The NJCAA's mission is to promote and foster two-year college athletics. 

    NAIA-National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics - The NAIA is a governing body of small athletics programs that are dedicated to character-driven intercollegiate athletics. See links below to view the colleges within each Conference in the NAIA, as well as a map of the regions each conference covers in the United States.

    Colleges within each NAIA Conference 

    Map of the Conferences (colleges) in the NAIA