• Homer Music Logo

    Mission Statement:
    The Homer Central School District Music Department is committed to providing quality musical opportunity for all students. Our mission is to graduate musically literate citizens who embrace life-long musical learning. We work together as a team of dedicated, effective, and supported professionals to provide a safe and nurturing learning environment.

    Vision Statement:
    Musicianship: Build Mucisanship in all students through multiple pathways for musical growth.
    Understanding: Build understanding and appreciation of musical genres and cultures.
    Self-Driven. Grow self-driven students who learn how to set individual and group goals and work towards them.
    Improvise: Help students learn to improvise by adapting previous learning to new musical challenges.
    Creative: Build creative problem solvers and critical thinkers who collaborate for shared success. 

    High School Music Program:
    At Homer High School, we strive to make multiple music opportunities available to our students. Our curricular offerings provide the foundation for the many afterschool programs we offer. In doing so, we hope to fulfill our mission statement (see above), to enrich not only our students, but the community at large. 

    Curricular Offerings:
    For descriptions, please see the Program of Studies.

    • Concert Band
    • Concert Choir
    • Chamber Choir
    • Instrumental Lessons
    • Vocal Lessons
    • Music Theory
    • Bach to Rock

    Co-curricular Offerings:

    • Jazz Band
    • Ruby Rhythms
    • Blue Notes
    • Women in White
    • Men in Black
    • Pep Band
    • HS Musical Pit Orchestra
    • Parade Marching Band
    • Holiday Ensemble

    Extracurricular Offerings:

    • HS Musical Cast
    • HS Musical Tech Crew
    • Parade Color Guard

    Honors and Awards:

    • All-County Ensembles (Choir, Band, Jazz Band)
    • Zone 3 Area All-State (Choirs, Band, Orchestra)
    • NYS All-State Ensembles (Choirs, Band, Orchestra)
    • All-Eastern Band
    • All-National Choir 
  • Faculty:
    Mr. Dave DiGennaro

    Concert Band, Instrumental Lessons, Music Theory
    (607)749-1258; (607)749-7246 ext 4154

    Mrs. Cara K-B McLaughlin
    Concert Choir, Chamber Choir, Vocal Lessons, Bach to Rock
    (607)749-7246 ext 4948

    Yearly Events:

    • Winter Instrumental Concert
    • Winter Vocal Concert
    • All-District Instrumental Concert
    • All-District Vocal Concert
    • Music Booster Cabaret
    • National Music Competition
    • NYSSMA Solo and Ensemble Festivals
    • Spring Instrumental Concert
    • Spring Vocal Concert
    • Music Booster Awards Ceremony
    • CRT Pavilion Awards for Excellence in High School Theater
    • Homer HS Honors & Awards Night
    • Visual and Performing Arts Expo
    • Homer High School Graduation