Home & Careers Skills

  • Introduction:

    Home & Career Skills is a New York State mandated course designed to teach everyday living skills to students in grades 6 and 8. Sixth graders are scheduled for 10 weeks and eighth graders for 20 weeks.

    Home & Careers is a program of instruction designed to prepare students to meet their present and future responsibilities as well understand their opportunities as parents or other member of families, consumers, home managers and wage earners. The emphasis of this course is to use a hands-on, experimental approach to learning. Diverse learning experiences will come in the form of both individual and group activities to best meet the needs of the learner.

    Due to the nature of this class, students may be asked to bring in project materials or a fee may be imposed to defray the costs of a project and/or food costs. As many supplies as possible will be provided by the school. A sewing project and food labs are planned.

    Grade 6: 10 Weeks:

    This course of study includes the introduction of the universal Process Skills of decision-making, problem-solving, and management. Content areas of Interpersonal Skills, Family, & Human Development as well as Resource/Financial Management will be incorporated in this course. Hands-on activities are planned for cooking labs as well as a hand sewing project.

    Grade 8: 20 Weeks:

    Students in eighth grade will be reviewing the process skills and applying them to the topics of clothing management, food preparation and nutritional wellness, and career/community connections.

    *Students will investigate a career of their choice on the internet and will participate in job shadowing with assistance from the guidance department.

    *Students will explore what it takes to become an entrepreneur through a variety of hands-on activities.

    *Students will practice basic skills in sewing and will construct a sewing project of their choice using the sewing machine.

    *Students will participate in assorted food lab activities in the kitchen with emphasis on safety, proper food preparation techniques, menu planning, and nutrition.