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Homer Family and Community Liaisons Provide Essential Supports to District Families

Homer Liaisons

A valuable resource was added for Homer residents in 2022 thanks to the Homer Family and Community Liaison Team.

The Homer Family and Community Liaisons are a team made up of four licensed social workers whose role is to provide support and assistance to students and families within the Homer Central School District. Liaisons play a unique role in bridging the gap between schools and families, helping them access to essential resources, and encourage stronger connections between home and school.

“Our Family and Community Liaisons work extremely hard for the Homer community,” Director of Special Education Chris Moore said. “We are so thrilled to be able to provide much-needed resources to our families in the district.”

The Homer Family and Community Liaison service was created out of work completed by the Homer Social Emotional Committee as part of Homer Central School District’s five-year strategic plan and feedback from the community on the needs of families.

Information on the Homer Family and Community Liaison Team can be found on the Family and Community Liaison website. Families can read the latest newsletter, learn about referrals, and discover upcoming events.

“The addition of our team shows the District’s focus on the importance of the mental health and wellness of students and families,” Family and Community Liaison Alicia Maroney said. “We are grateful for the opportunity to provide this additional layer of support and connection to resources.”