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Revised Drivers Education Program Offers New Possibilities for Students

Preparing our students with the tools necessary to keep them and those around them as safe as possible.


That’s the goal of the newly revised Homer High School Driver’s Education Program.


According to a study conducted at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, students who enroll in driver’s education are 75 percent less likely to receive a traffic ticket and 24 percent less likely to be involved in a fatal accident.


“Everyone always talks about life-long learning,” Driver’s Education Teacher Rick Gamel said. “This is something that every student needs and every student needs help with.”


New for the 2023-24 school year, students can take driver’s education during the school day. This change is something that will enable more students to gain valuable experience and knowledge on the road.


“It’s something totally different from what I’ve done (in school) for the past ten years,” Homer student Lauren Oustad. “I definitely think it helped me pass my road test.”


The program has been a rousing success thus far, as the school looks to get as many students involved as possible.


“It really has been a long time coming to get this program back during the school day,” Gamel said. “Our kids have done a great job so far, but we certainly still have a long way to go.”


The revised program is a result of feedback from stakeholders to the Homer Community Engagement Committee. For more information on our strategic planning, please visit