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ParentSquare Providing Key Communications to Families at Homer


The Homer Central School District has established a partnership with ParentSquare to improve communication between schools and families. ParentSquare, with its mission to better connect schools with families, is a communication platform that has a variety of services for families in K-12 schools. With ParentSquare, families can have a consistent and direct line of communication with their child’s teacher, something that had been lacking in the district. The collaboration with ParentSquare is part of the district's strategic plan following work done by the Homer Community Engagement Committee.


“In working on our strategic plan, we really saw a need for an intuitive and consistent way to communicate with our families,” Homer Chief Information Technology Officer Josh Finn said. “With ParentSquare, we are able to keep our families as engaged as ever which is so important to the education of children.”


ParentSquare’s forward-thinking approach introduces new ways to communicate and disseminate information, focusing on effective school-home interaction.


Since its launch, ParentSquare has witnessed widespread adoption across the district. The district has over 99.7% of families on the platform, with parents embracing the ease-of-use method of staying informed.


“Keeping our families up-to-date is of the utmost importance to us,” Homer Superintendent Thomas Turck said. “With ParentSquare, we not only have been able to do that, but we have also introduced new ways for parents to interact in the classroom with their children. It really has been fantastic.”


And while the percentage of families using the platform is high, ParentSquare's success goes beyond statistics. With parents actively participating, signing up for events, communicating with teachers, and volunteering, the platform has seamlessly integrated into homes throughout Homer.


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