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Blue Pride Spotlight: Kelley Brown

Kelley Brown dedicates her time and service to education and community support in Homer. As a Homer alumna, Kelley embodies the spirit of giving back to the community.

Through her role as a trainer in Therapeutic Crisis Intervention in Schools, Kelley ensures our schools remain a safe and nurturing place for students. “My heart has always been with Homer,” Brown said. “I am here to give back what was given to me as a student.”

Kelley's commitment extends beyond our school walls through programs like Snack Pack Program, a food program that provides much-needed meals and snacks to students and their siblings over the weekends.

Kelley’s unwavering service has earned her a nomination for the Pride of Workmanship Award, highlighting the many different ways Kelley has shown Blue Pride in the Homer community.

“Working with students is incredibly rewarding,” Brown said. “Assisting them in emotional growth and coping strategies is a joy.”