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Homer Students Embrace Artistry and Athleticism in Winter Guard Program

The Homer High School Winter Guard Program offers students the opportunity to develop their skills in dance, flag spinning, and artistry within a team environment.


“It’s so fun!” Homer student Alana Aloi exclaimed. “With everything happening in your life, sometimes you just need that break to dance.”


Through participation in the Winter Guard program, students acquire valuable leadership, teamwork, and discipline skills.


“There is an emphasis on hand-eye coordination,”  Homer student Rachel Levi said. “It’s also important to learn the music's timing to synchronize with everyone.”


As members of the Winter Guard program, students get the chance to showcase their talents through practices and competitions. These performances provide an excellent opportunity for students to build resilience while forming strong bonds with one another.


“It not only brings us closer as friends but also strengthens our bond as a family,” Levi said.


“We're like sisters,” Aloi added.


For more information on joining the Homer High School Winter Guard Program, please contact Coach Susan Thomas at