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Sink or Swim, Homer Junior High School Technology Class Builds Boats

Seventh-graders at Homer Junior High School recently designed and created boats in technology class that they tested in the river behind the school.


Technology Educator Edward Gonzalez started the project in his classes a couple years ago as a fun way to integrate technology, architecture, physics and nature.


The students worked in pairs, and they had a size requirement they had to stay within. They designed the boats for both aesthetics and function – the challenge being to design a vessel that could hold weight in the water.


“Some students learned that their calculated design size didn’t work to balance out the weight,” said Gonzalez.


Throughout the two-week exercise, Gonzalez introduced terminology quizzes. The students this year came up with the idea to speak and dress like a pirate in memorizing the terminology.


“It turned out to be a huge hit, the kids absolutely loved it,” Gonzalez said.