District Testing Program

  • A number of tests are administered throughout the school year. The State Education Department requires the district to give examinations in English Language Arts, mathematics, science, and social studies, and technology education. To supplement the tests required by the state, the district administers tests as well. Your child’s principal will notify you when all of these scheduled tests will be given. You will be provided with the results of all these tests.

    Children should be told that while these tests are important, the tests are not going to affect their grades or cause them to fail. The tests are designed to determine how well the school is doing and what needs to be improved. They should be advised to look upon the test as another activity in their classroom and not as a major concern. Your confidence and assurance will go a long way in easing any tension and anxiety your child might have about the testing experience.

    Be sure your child gets a good night’s rest and eats a normal breakfast on the day of the test. Most of the tests are given over a two day period so students can have as normal a day as possible.