Access to Student Records

  • Please be aware of your rights under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). Any student 18 years of age or the eligible parent or guardian of any student under 18 years of age shall have the right to:

    • review records
    • appeal records that they feel to be incorrect
    • have limited control over the dissemination of student information
    • report FERPA violations to the State Education Department
    • be informed of their FERPA rights

    “Directory information” may be made available for bona fide purposes to outside parties such as colleges, newspapers, and social service agencies. Any eligible student or parent wishing to limit the availability of directory information must do so within 14 days of this notification by contacting the student’s guidance counselor (High School and Junior High) or the building principal (Intermediate School, Homer Elementary, and Hartnett Elementary).

    The Homer Central School classifies the following student information as “Directory Information”:

    1. name, address, and telephone number
    2. parents’ names and address(es)
    3. class designation
    4. date and place of birth
    5. participation in school clubs, activities, and sports
    6. weight and height of members of athletic teams
    7. dates of attendance
    8. degrees and awards received
    9. most recent educational institution or agency attended by student
    10. student’s picture

    Questions regarding these rights or the procedure for accessing student records or appealing inaccurate records should be referred to the student’s building principal.