School Day Adjustments at Homer High School

School Day Adjustments at Homer high
This school year started with a number of changes to deal with the challenges of the pandemic. As the year has gone along, we have welcomed students back into the school and seen what has worked and found some items needing adjustment. We have also heard from students, families and teachers of the need for daily extra help for students within the schedule.
Beginning Monday, March 1st, we will adjust our schedule and school day procedures. The attached flyer shows the various revisions to the school day. The start of our school day will move to 8:10 am from 8:15. Our end of school day will move to 2:24 pm. This time along with a change in our procedures between class periods allow us to add a 9th period within the school day. All students, in person and home learners, will have a teacher for 9th period. All students will have access to teachers during 9th period. Teachers will communicate with their 9th period students later this week.
Also beginning Monday, we will return to our traditional drop off and pick up procedures. Students using buses will enter and exit school using the Pillars Entrance #1. All other students will enter and exit using the Lobby Entrance #4, coming in from the Upper Lot.
Even though the changes in time at the start and end of the day are only a few minutes, we understand that this may create challenges for families who are bringing students to and from school. Please contact the high school administration office to discuss impacts the change may have.
As always, please reach out to me with any questions.
Thank you.
Douglas Van Etten, Principal
Homer Senior High School