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Perricone Workshop Aims to Elevate Authentic Self

John Perricone Coming to Homer!


On Thursday, May 2, the Homer Central School District is set to welcome John Perricone, an acclaimed educator and speaker, to share incredible insights on self-awareness and philosophical identity. Known for his dynamic teaching style and profound understanding of educational psychology, Mr. Perricone will engage with both students and community members in a day filled with introspective exploration and dialogue.


Perricone, who has worked in the educational field for over three decades, will kick off the day with presentations at the High School and Junior High Assemblies, aiming to inspire the young minds of Homer. The events are structured to culminate in a mental health resource fair at 5:00 pm, followed by an evening presentation open to the community at Homer High School beginning at 6:00 pm.


Having received numerous accolades, including the SUNY Cortland’s Distinguished Educator Award, and authored the influential book, Zen and the Art of Public School Teaching, Perricone brings a wealth of experience and a unique perspective on the challenges and rewards of nurturing one’s philosophical identity.


"I am profoundly grateful for the intellectual journey that teaching has offered me, a path that began forty-four years ago with my student teaching at Homer Junior High," Perricone said. Now a veteran speaker across the country, he emphasizes the impact of his work on everyday lives.


"At a recent teachers' conference, I was asked about my motivation for speaking and my aims," Perricone said. "In times of crisis, we often see the best of humanity surface—strangers helping strangers. It is my fundamental belief that each person possesses an innate desire to live as the best expression of themselves. However, this 'true self' can be obscured by various adversities such as toxic upbringings or societal pressures." he explained.


Perricone’s upcoming presentation, "Developing a Philosophical Identity," will guide attendees through thoughtful exercises to uncover and embrace their true selves. The goal is to elevate this authentic self to become the way individuals express and see themselves every day.


The Homer Central School District would like to encourage the general public to attend this Mental Health Resource Fair and workshop with John Perricone on Thursday, May 2 beginning at 5:00 pm at Homer High School. Admission is free and there is no registration required to attend.