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Homer Students Excel at CNY Scholastic Art Awards

CONGRATULATIONS to the following students who won CNY Scholastic Art Awards!
High School
Portfolio honorable mention:
Emma R.
Gold Key:
Victoria B, Drawing & Illustration; Lillian M, Drawing & Illustration; Emma R, Drawing & Illustration; Nina S, Drawing & Illustration (3) and Photography; Elise W, Drawing & Illustration (2).
Silver Key:
Alexis A, Drawing & Illustration (2); Emily B, Drawing & Illustration; Damian B, Drawing & Illustration (2); Alaina E, Drawing & Illustration; Matthew F, Drawing & Illustration and Painting; Riley F, Design; Olivia H, Drawing & Illustration; Emma R, Drawing & Illustration; Baylee R, Drawing & Illustration; Nina S, Architecture & Industrial Design; Brielle T, Drawing & Illustration; Ashley V, Drawing & Illustration.
Honorable mention:
Alexis A (2), Jack B (2), Katelyn C, Kaelynne D (2), Madelynn E, Matthew F, Natalie F, Olivia H (2), Caleb H (2), Alexis H, Atavia H, Oliver K, Mallory K, Elizabeth M, Mariano M, Brayden P, Emma R, Baylee R, Lily R, Ella R, Olivia S, Alyssa S, Ashley V (2), Georgia W.
Junior High School
Gold Key:
Ella R, Ceramics & Glass.
Silver Key:
Ella R, Sculpture.
So many AMAZING artists in here in Homer! #BluePride
Photo shown taken by Homer High School student Nina S, titled "Overcast".