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Homer Central School District Welcomes New Assistant Superintendent of Instruction

Wanting to forge a tight-knit community feeling and be on the curriculum side of education, Jeff Evener is thrilled to be jumping into the role of Assistant Superintendent of Instruction for the Homer Central School District.

“I really missed the workaround curriculum and instruction and working with teachers. I missed having the conversations about what kids are learning and how we're teaching them to learn,” said Evener.

Before being hired, Evener was the assistant superintendent for Personnel and Operations in the Auburn Enlarged City School District. While a lot of things drew Evener to Homer CSD, two reasons he put emphasis on were the ability to work with teachers, as well as the ties to the community.

“The community supports this district fully. Talk to anyone at the gas station, talk to anyone getting ice cream… they love their school. You see Blue Pride signs everywhere. It speaks volumes when the community supports the school district. And I can’t wait to add value to that, learn from that, to do what I can to continue that great connection between the school and the community,” said Evener.

Evener truly believes that Homer is a destination district, saying that people move to the district so that their kids can receive a top-notch education.

“That says a lot about the district, but more importantly, it says a lot about the people who work in the district,” said Evener.

Jeff Evener