Suggestions for Study

  • I. Set Goals

    A. Develop specific objectives.
    B. Make a flexible, yet realistic, time chart.

    II. Learning Environment

    A. Study in a quiet place. 
    B. Have good light and ventilation. 
    C. Have all the materials you need ready before you start.

    III. Suggestions for Completing Homework

    A. Do the most difficult or least liked work first.
    B. Give yourself short breaks if you have a lot of work to do.

    IV. Suggestions for Studying

    A. Review previous lesson and class notes first.
    B. Make outlines and take notes while reading.
    C. Look up new words. 
    D. Review for your test each night, several nights in advance of your test.

    V. Special Hints

    A. Don't daydream.
    B. Keep yourself physically and mentally fit. 
    C. Eat properly. 
    D. Get enough sleep.