Charles by Shirley Jackson

Click on the correct answer

1 Who really does all the things that Laurie blames on Charles?
Laurie's teacher
a boy in his class
a girl in his class
his mom

2 Whe Laurie's mom asks him who the name of the boy was why did Laurie pause?
he forgot the name
he didn't know them personally
He was making up a name
he wasn't sure if his name really was Charles
none of the above

3 Which of these was a bad action the story mentions that Laurie had at home?
hitting his dog
playing in the pool at 9:00
telling his mom to shut up
walking into the house screaming "isn't anybody home!"
none of the above

4 Charles was which one of these?
none of these
all of these

5 Why didn't Lauries mom realize that Laurie was really Charles?
She thought she had a good little boy.
The teacher had lied before.
She didn't want to believe it.
Her son told her that it wasn't him.
none of these

6 When did Lauries mom realize that Laurie was the real Charles?
she read a leter wrote by Laurie
Laurie confessed
her husband seen Laurie do the bad things
she got a call from the principal
at a PTA meeting.

7 What did the teacher mean by Laurie had occasional lapses?
the teacher didn't say that
occasionally he was bad, like he was at the beginning of the year
He was usually nice but now and then he was mean
he was never good
none of these

8 Which of these is what the teacher would describe Laurie as?
answers in class
is sometimes very mean
none of these

9 Was Laurie mean always, never or only at school?
anywhere he went
never, he was always kind. Charles was the bad kid.
only at school when he was home he was nice.
none of these
all of these

10 How did the mom find out who Charles really was?
the teacher told her that there was no Charles in the class.
the teacher told her that Laurie was always bad.
Laurie told her
none of these
all of these put together