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Music With Mrs. Henry

Soul Singers 2017-2018

Soul Singers have been a tradition in the Homer School District for many years. The ensemble originated with Mrs. Sue Bonne, longtime music teacher in Homer and for whom the auditorium is named. These singers are ambassadors of the school and exhibit only the best of Homer's Blue Pride motto. Soul Singers are expected to be leaders and responsible citizens in the classroom and throughout our school and community.

Rehearsals are every Tuesday after school from 3:30 - 4:15. Soul Singers should bring a healthy snack to eat. They will be dismissed promptly at 4:15 from the front of the school. (Rehearsal will be cancelled if after school activities are cancelled.) Soul Singers also rehearse during every school day 6 from 2:35 - 3:15. Attendance at all rehearsals is mandatory.

Soul Singer Uniforms -
  • white buttoned down long sleeved shirt with a collar
  • black trousers with pockets
  • black socks
  • black shoes
  • Soul Singer vest - to be sewn at home
  • bowtie - provided by the school
  • headband - made at home with scraps from vests
Mrs. Henry has several extra white shirts for school performances.
Vests - Each student will need someone to sew a reversible vest for them, at a cost of approximately $8.00-$9.00. Mrs. Henry will let you know after she has purchased the material.
Bowtie - The school has black and blue bowties. Mrs. Henry will pass them out before each performance and collect them back after each concert.


Attendance is mandatory at all performances!

Soul Singer Behavior Contract -
Today is a new day at the Homer Intermediate School. I made a pledge of Pride in everything I do. I'll show Partnership and Respect with others I see today. My Integrity will guide me in every single way. I'll use Diversity and Excellence to lead me in what I do. Because I have BIG BLUE PRIDE and to show it it what I choose!

As a Soul Singer, I understand that I will be held accountable for the expectations outlined in the school pledge. If I am unable to meet this standard for behavior and effort, I will be removed from Soul Singers.

We use the 3 strike rule in chorus and Soul Singers. One strike counts for both chorus and Soul Singers at the same time.

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