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Athletic Memberships

Homer Central School District is a member of Section III of the New York State Public High School Athletic Association and a member of the Onondaga High School League.

Interscholastic Athletic Program

Fall Sports



Soccer - Varsity, JV, Modified Soccer - Varsity, JV, Modified
Cross Country - Varsity, Modified                 Cross Country - Varsity, Modified  
Football - Varsity, JV, Modified Football Cheerleading - Varsity, JV
Golf - Varsity Field Hockey - Varsity, Modified
  Tennis - Varsity
  Volleyball - Varsity, JV


Winter Sports



Indoor Track - Varsity Indoor Track - Varsity
Basketball - Varsity, JV, Modified               Basketball - Varsity, JV, Modified
Wrestling - Varsity, JV, Modified Basketball Cheerleading - Varsity, JV
Bowling - Varsity Bowling - Varsity
Ice Hockey - Varsity Volleyball - Modified


Spring Sports



Track - Varsity & Modified Track - Varsity & Modified
Lacrosse - Varsity, JV, Modified                       Lacrosse - Varsity, JV, Modified
Baseball - Varsity, JV, Modified Softball - Varsity, JV, Modified
Tennis - Varsity  


Sign-ups for Sports

Sign-ups for sports are announced over the PA system and posted near the gymnasium area. These are posted well in advance of the first try-out practice date. The dates may also be viewed on the Homer Athletics Web Page under Sports News.


New York State law requires that a student have a physical each year in order to participate in sports. The school arranges physical exam dates before each season. These are announced over the PA system, posted on the bulletin board of the Athletic Director's office, and listed in the newspaper. If a student does not attend the school physical, they must get one from their doctor. Forms to be filled out are available in the nurse's office. This must be given to the nurse prior to the first practice. The interval health history form may have to be completed by the parent/guardian prior to each season and given to the nurse. One physical exam per school year is sufficient for all sports that school year. A physical exam is good for twelve months from the date acquired.

To Participate in Sports Grade 7 - 12
Requirements per New York State Education Department:

* Valid Physical on file in the nurses' office
*Interval Health History form filled out and signed by parent/guardian

Prior to each sports season, turn the above paper work into the nurses' office to receive
a  CLEARANCE CARD to give to the coach.  Students must have the clearance card from the nurse and present that to their coach before any practices can begin.


Practice times and sites may vary. Depending on the season they may be inside or outside. We do have practice sites that are off school property.

Practices are rotated to different locations to allow each team to practice where they play. Time slots vary so that teams are not always practicing late. Other factors include schedules, cancellations, school functions, and requests from other groups for facility use. 

Weekly schedules are given to coaches for distribution to athletes, and are posted on a bulletin board outside the Athletic Director's office.


There are certain times during the school year where contests will be scheduled during a school break. It is the expectation of the athletic department that JV and Varsity athletes be in attendance for those games. Failure to be at those games could lead to loss of participation in future contests.

Homer Athletic Booster Club

The Athletic Boosters are volunteers - parents, teachers, and community members dedicated to working together in support of all athletic programs at Homer High School and Homer Junior High. The goals include:

  • encouraging student participation in interscholastic sports

  • improving school spirit and attendance at athletic events

  • demonstrating good sportsmanship

  • raising funds to purchase equipment and other items that are not covered in the school budget

The Athletic Boosters are committed to treating all Homer's interscholastic sports programs as equals. In fundraising and equipment purchasing, this means that each program will be encouraged to make requests. Obviously, not every need can be met. But every effort will be made to see that all sports are assisted over time.

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