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Intermediate School Students Enjoy Renaissance Day

Recently, students from Mrs. Giamichael's, Mrs. Jackson's, Mrs. Brown's, and Ms. Nye's classes took part in a special Renaissance Art activity.

During the activity, students were able to choose from among three different stations to participate in:

  • “Paint like Michelangelo”
  • “Sculpt like Leonardi”
  • “Invent like Da Vinci”

The event served as wrap-up for their core knowledge language arts unit on the Renaissance, where students learned all about famous artists that lived and worked during that time period.

The students loved being an artist for a day, and trying their hand at creating interesting pottery, paintings, and inventions. The students really began to feel like Michelangelo, when they tried painting upside down!

“It was wonderful to see all their creative minds at work, and to give them all a chance to have some hands-on experiences with what they had been reading about over the past couple of months,” said Mrs. Giamichael.

students paint from their backs
students try out some sculpting
students sculpting


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