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Parent/Teacher Conferences


Parent/teacher conferences are scheduled for kindergarten through eighth grade following the end of the first ten-week marking period. Conferences at the high school are scheduled as needed. These conferences are an important and valuable part of pupil reporting procedures.

The value of a parent/teacher conference comes from a frank and honest exchange of information which can help both parties have a better understanding of the child’s abilities, needs, and experiences which have formed the child’s background to date, and the aspirations which will form his/her education in the future.

To help realize this value we offer the following suggestions:

  • Please plan to keep the conference schedule.
  • If you are unable to keep your appointment, kindly notify the school as soon as possible. We will gladly arrange another appointment.
  • If at all possible, please make arrangements to come to the conference without the child or other children unless your child’s attendance is expected.
  • Before attending the conference, you may find it helpful to make a list of things you wish to discuss with the teacher.

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